LearnIT: Implications of Upcoming Technology Trends in Education

5/14/13 talk given at Lincoln Center, Fordham University
In a world where technology is changing faster than ever it's important not to just keep up with what's currently available, but to be thinking ahead. The New Media Consortium just released their 2013 Horizon Project Short List report that includes 12 coming technology trends in higher education.

Part I given 5/14 covers the top 6 trends (see slides below), Part II, scheduled for 11/6, will give a short review of those trends and also cover the additional 6 trends. For more information, or to register, please email fordhamit@fordham.edu

For Fordham faculty/staff who are watching the live stream of the presentation, you can participate in the Q/A by using this Google Doc. Please note, this doc will only be editable during the presentation, if you have any follow up questions, please email ftc@fordham.edu. If you don't have access to the Google Doc, or prefer to Tweet, please use the hashtag #TTiE2.

Horizon Report 2013
Short List 2013

Preview of the 2014 Report
Video competition describing how projects apply to one of the 6 technologies in the report to teaching, learning, and creative inquiry. Deadline to submit is 1/22, for more information visit the EDUCAUSE website


Part I

Part II

audio to be uploaded at a later date)
Links to the full versions of the video clips from Part II (blank slides):

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